Here at BPY we have the flexibility to offer our clients a complete range of services


Here at BPY we have a broad range of machines varying in size making us capable of producing parts from 1/2mm to 400mm in size, with no limits on batch sizes. We specialise in moulding with PVC but are capable of moulding with any polymers.




Our toolmakers are always on hand to offer expert advice and assistance in both development and maintaining your moulds, at competitive prices. Mould maintenance is key to producing a high quality part. All of our moulds are made here in the UK by professionals and are of the highest quality. Our regular servicing ensures high product quality and fewer delays in production.



Quality control:

Quality is of paramount importance to us at BPY Plastics. Every part is inspected by our operators, ensuring that the product is to specification, reinforcing our motto; “zero reject rate”



Post Moulding Services:

Our post moulding services are a huge part of what we do here at BPY. We offer many services including machining, printing, powder coating, plating and welding, and full product assembly. Our aim is to give the best one stop service making things easier for our customers.

post moulding services


We hold many items in stock for our customers resulting in greatly reduced lead times and higher customer satisfaction.