Here at BPY we have the flexibility to offer our clients a complete range of services.


Plastic Injection Moulding:

Here at BPY we have a range of machines from as low as 24 up to 120 tonnes, we are able to mould parts from ½ mm to 400mm in size (200g shot weight) with no upper or lower limit on batch sizes. We have nearly 30 years’ experience moulding with many different polymers, specialising in PVC.  We mould from high volume commodity material parts, to low volume high precision engineering parts for market leaders in various industries. We offer single-shot moulding, insert moulding, and over moulding solutions. Whatever your requirements, BPY are here to help.

We offer our customers a range of secondary operations to help minimise delivery charges using multiple suppliers and reduce lead times. We also offer our customers call off options for parts, with large amounts of stock here at BPY ready to be delivered as fast as the very next day. 

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and help do our bit to reduce the environmental impact of our company. We have switched many of the mouldings we produce to a 100% recycled material wherever possible, resulting in both a plus for the environment, and a cheaper unit price for our customers. 

We continue to invest in our modern facilities here in Brackley, Northants, and aim to improve efficiency and accuracy by using modern machinery, which is both eco-friendlier and results in higher quality, evermore consistent parts.  





A high quality, well maintained tool is essential in producing a high quality product. All tools housed here at BPY are subject to a rigorous servicing programme to ensure they are in perfect working order. Any maintenance and minor repair work is carried out in house free of charge to keep maintenance costs down for our customers. Keeping up with maintenance and servicing is key to anticipating any potential issues that are likely to arise, reducing the likelihood of halting production due to tooling issues. Our professional toolmakers are always on hand to offer expert advice and assistance in both development, manufacture and maintaining customer moulds, at competitive prices. All new products are all supplied with ISIRs following tool trials. All of our moulds are made here in the UK and are of the highest quality, ensuring perfect mouldings and an extensive lifetime for the tool. 



Quality control:

Quality is of paramount importance to us at BPY Plastics. Every part is inspected by our operators, ensuring that the product is to specification. Parts from each batch are checked against drawings provided by the customers, and ISIR’s are provided for new projects should the customer desire. We aim to control the whole manufacturing process as much as possible to eliminate any risks, so our supply chain only contains trusted manufacturers with impeccable quality. Our own facilities are well maintained, modern and clean to ensure as low a reject rate as possible within our own process, keeping our prices low due to efficiency and reinforcing our zero-reject rate motto. 



Post Moulding Services:

Our aim is to provide a one stop shop to our customers and offer a broad range of post moulding services in order to cut down on lead times and expensive courier fees. Post moulding services are a huge part of what we do here at BPY, and we offer many services including machining, tapping, printing, vacuum foiling, powder coating, plating, painting, welding and soldering. In many cases, our customers want full product assembly, including moulded plastic parts made in house being assembled with fabricated metal parts making larger and more complex assemblies. Our vast supplier network means that we are able to fulfil any request, big or small. 

post moulding services


Here at BPY, we offer fabrication services for both metal and plastic assemblies, to help our customers reduce labour on their end, and in some cases delivering a fully completed part directly into their customer base, eliminating extra delivery costs and time wasting. Our fabrication services offer the highest quality end products, all subject to our zero reject rate policy. Fabrication work we offer includes working with sheet metal, welding, soldering and a large range of pipework system fabrication, in both copper and ABS or PVC. 

Part Sourcing / Stock Holding:

Using our trusted suppliers both in the UK and abroad, we are able to source parts to meet your needs, should they be standalone parts or parts for a larger assembly. We source many different parts which are either incorporated into a finished assembly along with moulded components made here in house, or components that are bulk ordered and held here for call off to give our customers better value for money.